The Story behind Feibi awards…

After 26 years in a male-dominated industry, I’ve heard it all before and I say what is up, from both male barbers and some of my new customers. It hasn’t brought my morale down, if anything it’s made me stronger because I do love my job.

I have had some negative comments as to why separate male and female Barber competitions.

Why? Why not….

I have entered quite a few barber competitions myself and notice not many females compete. I can understand where they’re coming from as with my first comp I was going to pull out after realising I would be the only female barber. I came second in that competition! Next competition, I also came second, for the Australian title. Yes, I was a tad upset, but someone said “Hey, you’re the first female barber to take the title!”. From then on, I got given the name the First Lady.

So after a couple of years on, I thought why isn’t there a female Barber battle? They have them in America. So a few months later and late nights of planning, I decided to hold Australia’s first female Baber competition.

Who better than the First Lady, to hold such an event, I can relate with and will support these beautiful talented ladies. This event was not to prove anything to male barbers, but there is so much talent out there that I know. A lot have held themselves back to take the stage.

So in 2019 FEIBI was born!

FEIBI is short for Female Excellence In Barbering Industry.

FEIBI was to be an annual event but with Covid-19 hitting Australian waters, I had to put the 2020 Feibi Awards on hold. 

FEIBI in 2021…I am organising an Apprentice Round to help and support the next generation of apprentices to gain their confidence and add to their portfolio.

So in July, FEIBI Awards Apprentice Round 2021 will be up and running.



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