Promoting your products and services can sometimes be daunting as It’s the same old magazines or avenues and channels but we at ZEROGapped aim to shake things up a little bit but still giving you, the advertiser a strong platform to showcase your brand but rather than take It from us why don’t you hear It from our clients.

“When I first stepped into this industry 12 years ago I had to work tirelessly to prove to the community that being a woman doesn’t make me less competent as a barber. Then I began on a mission to be great I order to prove that I am worthy of respect, so I began competing at the Exotics Barber Battles and worked my way up the industry as a National Educator and Trainer. Back in the day the most support women received were for their physical assets. Today my heart smiles and am so very grateful that women are on the rise and are given a platform to share their stories and their successes. Thank you Zero Gapped magazine for providing us a platform to celebrate and encourage one another. It truly makes me so proud to see ladies kicking butt and turning their passion into a career. Much love and respect to all my Lady Barbers!!!”  

Lici LadyBarber, Andis Educator

” In the middle of a pandemic, in one of the worst hit countries on the planet, the UK, a woman single handedly decides she is going to produce a publication that will recognize female barbers the world over! It was in November 2020 I saw the first posts popping up on my feed. Certainly grabbed my attention! I’ve been promoting Australian Female Barbers on my Instagram platform @australianfemalebarbers since 2018 and a barber myself for the past 32 years. I have written articles for 2 Australian magazines and one UK magazine in the recent past, and have a regular blog spot in one of them. While we have widely recognized publications that keenly promote and publish stories about female barbers, this new publication, Zero Gapped Magazine, is devoted specifically to women in our industry.

We live in a world where women historically, and today, still have to scratch and claw their way to recognition in what are male dominated occupations and industries. I see this magazine as a place to recognize, without fear of discrimination or intimidation, to celebrate what it means to be female creatives behind the chair. It is a perfect way to bring together, globally, a barbering spirit of sisterhood. A place where we can all support each other, learn from each other and grow with each other. Congratulations Ruby! Cheers to the future and cheers from the Colonies.”  

Collette Saunders at Australian Female Barbers @collettecutthroats @australianfemalebarbers

“Working with Zero Gapped Magazine has been a great means of engaging a new global audience during a period in the industry where a lot of are bored of the same old publications and styling. Led by an experienced British barber educator, the publication is devoted to highlighting the best female barbers from around the globe. With the magazine’s fresh perspective on content production and delivery, we’ve already noticed the value of working alongside them in driving new interest in our brand. The team are incredibly communicative and creative in their approach to industry marketing and editorials. They are changing up the game and we are looking forward to working with them again in the near future.”  

Carlos Callirgos at Crazy Bull

“How refreshing to see the look, quality and content of Zero Gapped Magazine. There are so many talented female barbers out there, just been waiting to show off their skills and now they have a great platform to do so

We are looking forward to reading the next publication and working with you all.

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to be in the spotlight with our British FAB Brand.”  

Bernice Fowler at FABHair @fabhairandbeautyproducts

“We would highly recommend zerogappedmag! During our work with them they have proven to be highly professional and skilled in delivering excellent pieces of work with an exceptional knowledge of the industry. They are very talented and focused and have supported us in our new venture, for which we are massively grateful.”  

Tracy Kelebek at Tektecs Ltd

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