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Have you ever thought about the amount of chemicals we use as Barbers? From sprays and disinfectants surfaces to the chemicals we use for cleaning tools.

Shouldn’t we, as an industry, be looking to make them as safe as possible for our health and that of the clients and teams? Coming out of a pandemic and being even more meticulous about protecting everyone’s health in our shops it got me thinking. How can we raise hygiene standards as an industry but reduce the amount of chemicals?

This was a subject playing on my mind when I spoke to the team at Saloncide, in fact they founded their business on that premise.

Saloncide is celebrating 10 years of offering Barbers a safe and alcohol-free way of disinfecting their shops. It remains to this day the only product which can sanitise surfaces, tools and equipment without the need for chemicals and parabens specially created for our industry.

Another breakthrough for the brand

Very recently, Saloncide, the only alcohol free disinfectant specifically produced for the hair and beauty industry and already effective against many viruses, has been officially certified to be effective against actual COVID-19, protecting your staff and clients even more.

As we wait to reopen having a product available proven to kill 99.99% of COVID-19 virus is great news.

Confidence for Clients

Many clients ask about animal testing and if a product is vegan or not. I like to proudly recommend products that boast these credentials. If it matters to them it matters to me.  Saloncide is also a range that ticks both boxes, no animal cruelty and its completely vegan, another way of building trust and loyalty.

Salon Safe

This month sees the brand launch their Salon Safe Campaign which aims to challenge the way the industry approaches sanitation. Tackling the use of potentially harmful and non-organic chemicals. The campaign is backed by many leading bodies including The British Master Barbers.

Saloncide has created a  Salon Safe Information Pack for barbers to download

  • A poster to reassure staff and teams explaining how Saloncide protects them
  • An Instagram and Facebook image for barbers to use on their social media channels
  • A certificate to demonstrate you use Saloncide in your salon
  • The Saloncide E-Learning certification course

The campaign also seeks to reduce the risk of skin conditions such as dermatitis which is prevalent in barbering. Just think of the amount of handwashing, drying and use of hand sanitiser. By being aware of the condition and choosing products designed to protect your hands you can prevent the condition happening at all. That means no pain and no lost working hours.

Given the pandemic, day-to-day usage of disinfection products on tools and premises has increased and with it the risks that an ineffective cleaning system can bring. 

With the heightened concerns around cleanliness, it is paramount to clean & sanitise surfaces and equipment far more regularly.

Concentrated cleaning products can irritate skin, and constant use of alcohol hand sanitiser increases the risk of dermatitis. 

Also, most other traditional alcohol-based surface disinfectants  eventually create damage to surfaces.  Saloncide does the opposite by prolonging the life & protecting surfaces, as well as being gentle on the hands. 

Saloncide co-founder Neal Eason, says: ‘We will support as many barbers as we can, with that added guarantee that we can eradicate COVID-19 from equipment and premises.  Giving clients the confidence to book and teams the reassurance to feel safe to work’.

Many disinfectants used around the country contain ingredients proven to be harmful to health. 

Saloncide is alcohol-free and the ingredients totally organic and non-toxic. Once sprayed there is no wiping required, it then creates a protective barrier on both surfaces and skin, without any damage.

The HSE advises that all salons review their COSHH risks on products being used.

Exclusive Offer.

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Saloncide to offer you an exclusive discount: use code Z10 to get 10% off your order.

The unique ‘spray & go’, no rinsing required disinfectant spray is the quick & easy ‘One-Stop solution’ for light cleaning, disinfecting & deodorising all tools, surfaces & equipment, porous or non-porous throughout the salon.

Salon Safe is becoming a cult-product amongst the industry, if you are in need of convincing here’s a few more reasons:

  • Certified – to be effective against Coronaviruses including Covid-19
  • Tested – to European Standards EN1276, EN14476, EN1650 & EN13727
  • No Hidden Nasties – Saloncide is alcohol, acid, solvent, paraben, bleach FREE. It’s also non-toxic, non-flammable, non-irritant & fragrance free
  • Fast Acting – on most Bacteria & Fungi within 1 minute & up to 2 mins on viruses
  • Long Lasting – Saloncide continues to work long after application
  • No damage or discolouration – on surfaces (porous & non-porous), tools & equipment & can be treated without risk of discolouration or micro-cracking
  • Protects – delicate surfaces like leather and prolongs working life
  • Low Hazard – COSHH rating
  • Versatile – by being a 3-in-1 formula in light cleaning, disinfecting & deodorising
  • Odour Free – by destroying the bacteria and moulds which cause bad smells
  • Powerful – disinfection solutions but still kind to any surface
  • Gentle – for skin/ hand sanitising

Order your Saloncide here. Check out the brands social media channels for helpful tips.




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