Product Spotlight: FAB Hair products such a tonic.

FAB Hair products brand was launched in the UK 2015, FAB comes from my initials backwards. After a year of formulating & testing quality ingredients our 6 friction hair tonics were proudly produced in the UK. In 2017 our fragrance Tweed was launched making the friction Hair tonics The Magnificent 7. It was always in my long term plan to design, source and produce quality Niche products and equipment to help the professional market whether it was FAB being used on customers or selling retail for extra revenue for business, I know how hard it can be as I have been in the hair Industry for 40 years.

The FAB hair product range has grown over the last 6 years with the help of many Professional Barber and Hairdressers endorsing & recommending. FAB has enjoyed participating in many trade shows & events giving Barbers a platform to show off their skills, meet likeminded professionals & have fun whilst using the FAB products. This along with social media has enabled the FAB Brand to be Global with customers & distributors around the world. We are looking forward to seeing all our FAB Barber family at events in the UK & overseas again soon.
It’s been a journey of survival for us all, In March 2020 FAB was contacted and asked if we could source Hand Sanitiser for NHS GP Surgeries as there was a shortage, FABcare hand Sanitiser was launched which is now part of the FAB Product range.

We are looking forward to showing you our NEW Friction hair tonic fragrance called EVENT launching this spring.

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