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PhilSmithAgencies were honoured to be asked to be associated with the Gamma+ brand over 10 years ago. “At that time with over 23 years experience, it was a massive opportunity to branch out on our own.”  Phil Smith with his, now wife Victoria, worked tirelessly to get the brand recognised in the UK and Irish markets. Covering many miles on the road, trade show appearances and many many sleepless nights with sweat, blood and tears have helped bring the brand to the forefront of the professional hair and barber marketplace. 

“It certainly hasn’t all been plain sailing with many bumps along the way but we have tried to make it as much fun as possible. If we didn’t love the trade and the people we have worked with over the years we doubt the drive and determination would still be with us. We would like to go on record to thank all that have helped us at various stages throughout our journey and those who continue to be there for us. From the trade shows to our fantastic team of ambassadors which I honestly believe is the best team out there. All have individual skills and offer many different pieces of the jigsaw that somehow, more luck than management, has made it work. 

The last 12 months have been difficult on many different levels for everybody but hopefully, we can start to look forwards again. On a positive note, it gave us the time to move premises and plan for all the new innovation that has started to arrive.”

There is lots more to come from Gamma+ so keep your eyes peeled for updates on Instagram @gammaplusuk or on the website and

Wishing you a happy, healthy rest of 2021 from Phil, Vicky and the whole of the Gamma+ family from the UK and across the world.


Gamma Più is an Italian company founded in 1988. It was born as a blow-dryer company, but it is now a one-stop-shop for professional electrical appliances for barbers and hairdressers. These products are distributed in more than 100 countries all over the world and this is a sign of the company ability to satisfy a vast audience with different needs.

In July 2018 Gamma Più announced their partnership with Mr Ken Russo who has been instrumental in creating, building, marketing, and promoting major successful professional brands in the USA for over 40 years. Together they have formed Gamma Più North America ( and they intend to build Gamma + into the #1 appliance company.

In Italian, Più is the word used for +. They have made a critical business decision to begin to call the brand “Gamma +” instead of “Gamma Più” to make our brand more name friendly in North America and English-speaking countries. 

Gamma Piu’s Italian engineers develop their professional tools in co-operation with the US team who has a great eye when it comes to the latest trends. Check on Instagram @gammaplusna to find out more.

A few major brands have dominated the barber marketplace for decades… Barbers have been using the same stuff for a long time. They were bored and eager for innovation. Gamma + offered cutting-hedge tools with multiple customization options. Just what they were waiting for. 

It is paramount to have great products as well as inform customers of the innovation they bring to the marketplace. Gamma Più is extremely grateful to all the international ambassadors who amplify the company message and educate their peers on Gamma + products. Instagram has been a great tool to reach our audience.

All started in 2018 when Gamma + launched the Absolute Zero shaver at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, probably the most important show of the beauty industry. However, the turning point was the launch of the new trimmer Absolute Hitter at Salon International 2019. Gamma + noticed that US barbers cut the top of their trimmers, so they decided to launch Absolute Hitter with a removable drop-top skeleton for a more accurate shave and a better blade cooling.

The absolute Series was completed with the launch of the clipper Absolute Alpha at Cosmoprof Bologna 2020. Alpha is a professional modular clipper with a rotatory motor. Its 2021 version comes with the new FUSION blade which is a combination of the traditional fade and taper blades, multiple brackets and 3 levers (2 click system and 1 freestyle system levers).

The real milestone was the launch of the Ergo clipper which landed in the UK in July 2020. A professional modular clipper with turbocharged magnetic motor, fully adjustable zero gap fade blade can be easily zerogapped for the closest cut and finish, 3 interchangeable custom body kits, lithium ion battery, magnetic guards. Rumbarber awarded Ergo “Clipper of the year 2020”!

2021 launches will blow the barber industry away. Gamma + has just launched their new clipper Xergo and the new trimmer Xevo. Items that will take barbering to the next level with their microchipped magnetic motors and endless customization options. 

Pictures of Gamma + Xergo box and Gamma + Xevo box

Later in the year Gamma + will launch a budget solution for students. The Protégé cordless combo: a basic Alpha clipper + a basic Absolute Hitter. Rumbarber awarded Gamma Protégé “Best entry level clipper”. Taper blade is always the best when you are learning, and the click lever helps as well. The price point is great too!

Hairdryers have been evolving incredibly since 1988 when Gamma + started manufacturing them. This advance has given us motors that are the size of our fingertip. Control boards and switches in much smaller sizes that they can fit inside of a pencil. All this allowed us to develop and engineer new products that the hairstylists and the barbers only dreamed of not too long ago. On March 22nd Gamma + did a digital show streamed on YouTube to launch their new premium hairdryer Xcell.

It is half the size of conventional hairdryers. Lightweight and scientifically calibrated for perfect balance. Thanks to its lightness (290 grams), the arm and the joints are not stressed, thus giving a feeling of comfort even after several hours of use. 

Gamma Più’s engineers put a lot of attention to the hairdresser wellbeing. Xcell has a baritone sound and it is whisper quiet. It is a nice sound that allows hairdressers to have a conversation with their customers.

Xcell features a long-lasting digital micro-motor (its 110.000 rpm generates extreme air pressure) and Xcell a super-advanced control board. Basically, the software controls its motor and its heating element achieving great heat stability. Xcell provides superior professional performance with low-energy consumption. 

Xcell comes with 4 different nozzles (named Elegant, Extreme, Delicate and Classic) and 1 nozzle to offer different styling options. Hair shine is always guaranteed because Xcell emits negative ions. The Ionic technology adds shine while reducing frizz for a softer finish. 

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