Love Sick London

We managed to catch up with Dan & Rachel from the very popular clothing brand – Love Sick London

Q. Hi guys, welcome to ZEROGapped Magazine, It’s great to have you. Give me a little background. Have you always been followers of fashion?

A. We both grew up in South East London. I always loved fashion and remember bunking school to watch “This Morning’s” fashion segment. My first proper job when I left school was in Topshop in Oxford Circus, I loved it. So sad to see it close recently. Dan grew up on a council estate in South London and always loved streetwear and was a big fan of 90’s crazy Moschino, we met in 2006 at a dance tent in Reading.

Q. Did you design and make your own clothes?

A. Dan started with one t-shirt he drew on the iPad and started selling on Instagram in 2013.

Q. How did you get the big break and go into production?

A. It really built up over the years. At first, Dan was buying T-Shirts and sewing the labels on himself.

Q. What was the first item you sold?

A. It was a white T-Shirt with black all seeing eye.

Q. Do you still produce it?

A. No but we should do hahaha.

Q. What’s your target market? Demographic?

A. To be honest it’s quite hard to say… We love that we have grandads to kids wearing our clothes. Anyone who likes cool s@it!

Q. It must have been exciting to watch the brand grow?

A. So frigging proud! Me and Dan, neither of us did well in school, and both left school at 16. Everything we have done has been self-taught and a bit of trial and error, we are still learning now…

Q. Does that make you feel proud when you see people wearing your brand?

A. Yes it still gives us a buzz when we get tagged into people’s pictures all over the world and we get some amazing messages showing us their Love Sick collections.

Q. Superdry started with just six T-shirt’s, is the sky the limit for your brand too?

A. We wanna take our small family-run business that started in our little council flat in Camden to beyond the stars & still be a family-run business but run by our grandkids in 20-30 years time.

Q. If you could pick three fashion ambassadors for your brand, who would they be?

A. Ohhh good question… I instantly think of the Spice Girls haha! I have always been obsessed with Geri when she wore the Iconic Union Jack Dress at the Brits. Would love Liam Gallagher in one of our Parkers. Snoop Dog in one of our tracksuits.

Q. How much do you value customer feed back and ideas? Does it help you shape future designs?

A. We love our customers & their feedback. We tend to post ideas and ask for feedback from our customers to see if we’re going in the right direction when it comes to designing a full collection.

Q. What items are you most proud of to date?

A. Our reversible purple velvet Willy Wonka bomber jacket. We only made 100 and gave away golden tickets and the winner came to Ibiza with us to party and shoot our summer collection. Wow, what a few days that was haha!

Q. Are you an online brand or are your clothes stocked in shops too? 

A. We are an online brand but we have a few bits in our favourites tattoo/clothes shop in Amsterdam, Double Duch Tattooing.

Q. What or who inspired your style for Love Sick London?

A. Growing up in London, in the 80’s and 90’s rave scene, was a big influence and designers like, Moschino and Iceberg.

Q. Where did the brand’s name originate and why?

A. A lot of people think it’s Lovesick London or lovesick like the tattoo meaning but it’s I LOVE SICK LONDON…I Love It & It’s sick! London was the city I was born in.

Q. Have you thought about having your range within a Barbershop/s?

Q. We had our stock in our good friend LUKA’s barbershop for a bit and it’s something we’ve always been open to.

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