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I knew barbering was what I loved to do from a very young age. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really gained the focus and confidence to pursue a career in the industry.  I had trained as a hairdresser in 2010, but went down the hospitality route as my full time job, to avoid the anxieties I had towards working at my dream job. I began cutting my friends and families hair. Watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos including, uppercut deluxe, rum barber and beard brand. Basically using it as a hobby rather than a means to make money.

 It wasn’t until a few years after relocated to Cornwall that I enrolled on a barbering course and got myself a job at my local barbers. This is where I was able to put all the years of YouTube tutorials to play and ultimately was the real start of my career  

Since then I’ve met so many great influential people In the industry I’ve built up a strong client list, and I have so many things planned for the future.  I’ve gained so much from barbering in such a short amount of time, the lasting friendships that are formed and being able to meet so many different types of people along with the pride I feel when creating a haircut that fits the clients expectations are allhumbling for me. 

Using instagram as a platform to show my work and watch my progress was simply the only use of my account, so when gamma+ contacted me about working with them as a brand ambassador, I was completely shocked.  There are so many incredibly talented barbers on Instagram so being picked to work alongside them was a massive milestone in my career.  They’ve created a great community online and there’s so much for us to look forward to as a team. 

I hadn’t had too many opportunities to create a flattop. Working in a surfing village flat tops don’t come round too often, And when they did I didn’t get the chance at having a go, so this lockdown I wanted to push some boundaries and practice some things that aren’t fully in my comfort zone, which was using colour, and creating a decent flat top. I took my time until I was totally happy with it but ultimately I was pretty impressed with the way it came out. Its motivated me on to want to further my education once covid restrictions are lifted. And hopefully be able indulge myself in different training opportunities  that are available.

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Ruby launched ZeroGapped, the magazine for the barbering women of the world, after noticing that there was a gap in the market. ZeroGapped combines her love of publishing and barbering, in one spot online.

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  • Tracy Mangan
    4 months ago

    ❤️😍 love this , love your flat top too Laura spot on 🔥

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