It’s Showtime!

Ok, Big bozza has said we can open on the 12th of April, so what can we do and what can we, and should we do before the big day?

 In the words of Benjamin Franklin, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Firstly how are you and your team? I’m sure you will have missed each other and the shop but maybe it’s time to review contracts and pay schemes and see how you worked together. Promoting or getting rid of deadwood will be essential to your growth. You run a business, not a grant award scheme. People get income for what they put into the hour, not the hours they put in!

 Make sure you are eating well and your brain and mental health is in a good place. As the boss you will have to work hard to get back to where you need to be. We are all a little bit bruised at the moment. Be kind, including  to yourself.

Secondly take a look at your booking app and if you don’t use one you are giving yourself an uphill battle.  Talk to your provider, I use Nearcut and the team have been on hand all through every lockdown.

 Ask yourself, should I allow myself more time, should I block out 30mins for lunch, should I change my hours. Self care should be a massive consideration.

Are my service right and are they profitable, for example we have dropped shaving for a while. It might not be safe yet, and it was never very profitable with its time scale. Always review your pricing structure.

I personally haven’t opened mine up yet but am waiting to see how the government reacts to the rise in cases when the kids go back. He has said it could change at any moment and he will follow the science. We go live on the 3rd of April.

By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Get your tools ready. Clean, oil and replace your tools. You must have the best equipment you can afford.

Am I selling the right retail products? Your retail sales should pay your juniors wage, if it’s not maybe speak to other barbers to see what is their biggest seller. Ask your supplier for support and see if they help. NEVER buy masses of stock buy in small regular amounts and if they don’t sell you must drop them like a hot potato and move on.

Go to your work place with a note pad and do a review of any jobs that need doing. Paint that wall, nail that wood back on, there are always little jobs or complete refurbisments to do.

Clean and upgrade your barbershop during lockdown.

Deep clean EVERYTHING. Hot water and disinfectant will kill Covid. Everything else is questionable. Of course sterilisation of your equipment is different. Thank god for Barbicide. Get new PPE, without doubt masks will need to be worn exactly like before, check with your local council heath department, give them a call.

And lastly hit social media and hard and use your booking app to keep in your clients in the loop. Send messages in the app. Use things like Canva to create eye catching pieces for your facebook and instagram feed. Information for your clients is now more important than ever!

Lastly set an amount every week and put it away for a rainy day because we weathered a bloody storm right now.

Look forward to the good times my friends, brighter days are on the horizon.

Paul Simmons
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