It’s not just a haircut, it’s so much more than that

My name is Jackie and I am the Team Leader for Haircuts 4 Homeless charity for Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield & Stockport areas in the Northwest of England. 

“It’s not just a haircut, it’s so much more than that”

I was extremely privileged to be appointed this position as helping the homeless community means so much to me. I organise dedicated teams of hairstylists and barbers to visit homeless projects to volunteer their time to cut hair free to the project clients.  

Haircuts 4 Homeless was started 6 years ago in Romford by the founder Stewart Roberts who was a hairdresser for over 30 years and by word of mouth from the first project he volunteered in, he was soon in great demand and set up the charity to now serve over 60 homeless projects nationwide with over 600 volunteers registered.  

I was excited to start my first project 2 years ago which quickly expanded  to 16 projects and over 40 volunteers on my books covering my areas. 

You know the feeling when you get a haircut, a confidence booster to the least, especially if it has been a while! 

We have been putting smiles on the less fortunate and giving them confidence and dignity with not just a haircut, but by the humans touch and a simple chat, it means a lot to them to have people who actually care. It is very satisfying seeing the transformation a haircut can give.  We can actually feel how grateful they are sat in the chair. 

The first national lockdown was difficult for the charity, we followed all the government guidelines and provided full PPE to all the volunteers, unfortunately, we then went into tier systems and it restricted us again entering certain areas.  We managed only 2 projects  after the 2nd lockdown before entering lockdown number 3.   It was very upsetting and frustrating trying to place consistency and build continued trust.  Also not seeing our regular clients who we have built some great relationships with. 

It has been extremely worrying for the charity that people would forget all about us and the amount of work we have done to be a recognised charity.  

It is worrying too hearing about more and more people losing their jobs and subsequently not being able to afford their properties making them homeless. There is such a wider scale of homelessness, not just purely rough sleepers on the streets but there are more and more live in projects which are full to capacity  with new cases of homeless clients.  After the last government announcement, we are hoping to back doing what we love by early May. 

For haircuts 4 homeless charity,  we will be back to relaunch ourselves again. We will come back bigger, stronger & better, doing the most satisfying haircuts ever.

Insta – @haircuts4homelessmanchester
FB – Haircuts 4 Homeless

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