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How do you build a foundation?  You find solid ground,  you put supports in place,  you pour into it materials that will stand the test of time,  and then you have something on which you can build!  

There a no shortcuts.  Just ask the founding members of the Jack Reed Foundation!  Since it’s inception in 2017 armed with a vision to deliver 1000 haircuts to the homeless and disadvantaged, through to 2021 and the 99 New Beginnings Apprenticeship Program, this foundation has never stopped aiming for the sky.  The barbering industry in Australia, community businesses and organizations have rallied round and become instrumental in ensuring the success of this essential and welcomed support for local communities and disadvantaged youth in the Brisbane region.  

The Jack Reed Foundation (JRF) is now upon the precipice of what has been a vision in the fight against our youth unemployment, with its commitment to restoring dignity and sense of self worth to those less fortunate, those suffering mental illness, those who struggle to lift themselves out of that cycle that keeps them from achieving and moving forward.  The 99 New Beginnings Project will see the first ever Pop Up Barbershop Training Facility to be built in Australia.  This facility is being built from a donated shipping container, fully fitted out and equipped with the best, from barbering suppliers and local tradies and businesses. Fit for purpose, minimal in size, it will have a reduced carbon footprint and is not a permanent structure.

With youth unemployment and homelessness on the rise and a serious shortfall of availability of staff within the barbering industry in Australia  there has never been a better time to tap into the creativity of our young people.  It’s right there within them.  They want to be a part of the industry and achieve that trade but because of their personal situation they just do not know how!  Enter JRF who has determined that it will set these young people up “not to fail”, with a fully functional and operating barbershop with the best equipment and educators available to them, instilling in them a great sense of pride and ownership. These apprentices will in turn become a part of giving back. As well as cutting the hair of the general public, a compulsory component of the apprenticeship will include delivery of the “1000 Haircuts for the Homeless” and the “Haircuts on the Ward” projects. The apprentices will have access to the Jack Reed Mobile Trailer to deliver these services within the community.

JRF requires many sponsors and community based relationships to ensure the continuation of a safe and secure space for the Barbershop.  They have the support of local institutions such as Youth Justice, The Space facility at North Lakes in Brisbane’s North, Westfield North Lakes, Area Barbering Academy in Melbourne, various community based organizations such as The Hope Centre in Moreton Bay.  Many more hands are needed to ensure the quality of this Project, and we invite anyone who is able to offer what they can.  This can be in the form of being a volunteer at events where free haircuts are given, a company who will sponsor for scissors, clippers, barbershop supplies, or businesses and local government members who can offer time and expertise. Become a Jack Reed Foundation Member by visiting and signing up for a $5 per year membership.  There is also an online shop where members of the public can purchase anything from a comb to a barber chair, to be provided for the Shipping Container build.  There are so many ways to be involved.  Talking about the foundation to people who may be interested in becoming a part of this unique and emerging support for our youth will help bring to attention the challenges disadvantaged youth face while attempting to become free of what holds them back.  Let’s set them on that path to freedom and a future. 

Collette Saunders @collettecutthroats  @australianfemalebarbers

Board Director Jack Reed Foundation  @jackreedfoundation

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