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Tracy a Scottish Barber based in Leeds who has been in the industry for 29 years and has a huge passion for her job.  She is a single mum of three amazing kids who rock her world and the my main drive in her life.  Showing them the importance of working hard in life and follow their dreams is very important to her.

Her career began as a hairstylist in Scotland and there she learned that her passion lay with men’s hair.  She prides herself that with every single cut, every single client she gives her all and is always looking for new ways to perfect and master her craft.  She feels blessed that she can make someone feel good about themselves but cutting their hair and loves the saying  “if you find a job you love you will never work a say in your life” as this resonates with the passion and love she has for the trade.

Tracy has been working as a barber for the past 16 years but in the last four or five years has found that her hunger and passion has grown immensely.  She fell totally in love with her work about the time when fading began to just get popular in the U.K.  Having never picked up a cut throat she saw all these new tools and techniques being used – this was the catalyst to push herself even further.  Excited and keep to learn these new techniques she sought out one of the best known barbers in Leeds and furthered her training.

With a new found confidence and passion she entered a couple of barber competitions.  She won afro barber of the month with Barber Comp, recently won Yorkshire’s Best Barber 2020 with salon awards as well being bronze winner of British Hair and Beauty talent awards.  These awards mean a higher amount to her and feels proud to be recognised for her work as a female barber.  Proving your worth in a male dominated industry has been a constant battle at times and she feels you always need to prove your worth as a barber in barbershops.  Men tend to be drawn to the male barbers in shops, automatically thinking that their first choice is the best choice.  Perceptions are changing though and slowly but surely female barbers are making their mark in the barbering world.  Tracy says the highlight of my career is becoming a Gamma Ambassador, something she is very proud of.

We feel privileges that Tracy has taken the time to share some of her tips with us:

The Fade Top Tips 

* Ask clients lots of questions to be clear on how high they want their fade, do they want it heavy or to drop? 

*have a relaxed grip and wrist motion with your clipper when fading. Using a curving, flicking out c motion

* always start with an open lever when putting on a new guard. Varying your strokes; smaller strokes when clippers are closed and longer strokes when clipper open.

*make sure all guidelines are balanced. Mapping out your fade properly is very important 

*aim to achieve cleaner line work, always use a fade brush to see any imperfections when working 

* keep check your mirrors for balance,

and stand away from the cut to get a better view. Often it takes a step back to see your work more clearer as been staring hard and up in your cut for so long. 

*make sure you have the correct tools.  I finish on skin fades without the use of a cut throat.  1/2 and 1 and 1/2 premium guards are a must too.

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  • Elaine Davies
    3 months ago

    A truly talented girl this kid is going places for sure and she is so family orientated proud to know her keep being you Tracey your doing scotland proud

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