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Q. What did you find was your hardest obstacle to overcome In order to be successful?

A. I have always been a single mother and had to find the line of divide between the shop and family, I missed out on time with my children in order to make the industry respect me as a lady barber.

Q. What technique did you find the hardest to master?

A. I have a love/hate relationship with fades.

Q. How many competitions have you entered?

A. Of the twenty competitions I have entered I have been placed 1st in six and placed 2nd in five.

Q. You have quite an array of trophies, obviously you are proud of all of them but which one means the most to you?

A. That would be the Heaven Weight – it was a spin the wheel and whatever cut it landed on you did! There were four rounds and if you made it through you proceeded to battle with some of the biggest and best barbers. I was one of only two women up there out of the fifty barbers and I won! Part of the prize was one of those massive cheques like they present to lottery winners!

Q. You’re a WAHL educator, how did that happen?

A. I did competitions for years and I can only think that they were watching me during this time. I had to apply for the Select Barber Programme and made it to the last ten out of 785. I couldn’t believe it when they offered me the chance to apply for the team, it was a dream come true as I had said for 15 years that I would become a Wahl Educator and I finally made it.

Q. In a male dominated Industry what discrimination, if any have you faced? How did you overcome this?

A. I try not to let anything bother me, I am a woman who will happily go head to head with any guy. I have earned my respect by having that attitude but also haters along the way for the same reason – someone said “if you don’t have haters, you ain’t doing it right” and they’re right!

Q. Do you think the working environment has improved for women?

A: Working with men you have to know how to deal with men and if you are a girly girl you should work in salons, not barbershops. I am a bit of a tom boy, so I prefer to be in a shop with the boys but there is a struggle to get the respect you deserve. It’s a bit like working with your brothers full time.

Q. What advice would you give to any female wanting to become a barber?

A: I love my job so much that I want everyone to be a barber! It is exciting and the clients return more often than they would in a salon. I love the barbershop banter and being with the boys but learn from them, learn everything you can from them and take every qualification you have the opportunity to take.

Q. What advantages has the Barber Industry gained from having female barbers?

A: They add finesse to cuts and the female eye for hair on a male client sees them get away with more on dates since I’ve been their barber, or so they tell me!

Q. What area of barbering do you enjoy the most & why? Education? Platform? Competing? Or shop work?

A: There is nothing like competing but now I love owning the shop and the education side where I can share my craft and passion for hair. There is nothing like it, I swear.

Q. Where do you currently work?

A: I am still in Cleveland, Ohio but am based at the Westpark Premier. It is one of our four shops, three of which are situated eight doors from each other! All packed together! We are owned by PatrickLloyd and have been voted the Best in Town.

Q. What’s your current tool set up?

A: The “Wahl 100 year Anniversary Clipper” is my favourite, then the “Wahl Cordless Senior”, followed by “Wahl Cordless Detailers”, “Wahl Finale Close Shaver”, and the “Wahl Hero”.

Q. What’s your go to Clipper & why?

A. I would have to pick the “Wahl 100 year Anniversary” as it is very powerful and has a rigid back blade which in my opinion is good for any type of hair, even fine hair, which makes it a universal clipper. The next closest to this one is the “Wahl Sterling 4” with the same blade.

Q. I’ve noticed you’ve got a whole lot of tattoos!! How many have you got? Do you think this is a trend for barbers? Or do you just like them?

A. I have always loved tattoos but I waited until I was 35 years old to get any so that they will still look good when I’m old! But it is a trend and I think it is a way to let us stand out from each other and express ourselves. I’ll be covered in them at this rate.

Q. Who are your top 3 lady barbers and why?

A. @Lici_ladybarber because she has overcome a lot and is now sponsored by four companies and has a never-give-up take on life. We started out at the same time and we are sisters in arms – I have the utmost respect for her.

@roqkandy – I want to tell you her story because she has been through it all and is still going! She has been through hate from the industry but has made her way back in the running despite what is going on in her personal life. Something so many female barbers go through, she has inspired me from day one. I also am spirited by the young ladies coming up in the industry, they are so talented.

@barbergirlchevy is also freaking talented but because of video editing and photography, too many of the young have a lead on us. She is an inspiration for me with all of that at the beginning, also Stacey Cuts and Christina Goree, I could go on and on but over the years Lici and Roqkandy have been my sisters and Cheve have become my close friends and inspiration and I owe them all a big thanks for inspiring me.

Q. Being a Wahl Ambassador puts you in the Spotlight, what message do you think is important to convey to your followers?

A. Do not change for anyone, be your authentic self because that is the person who got you there.

Q. What are your plans for the next 5 years?

A: I want to continue to educate and share all that I learn, giving back to others, opening a school, spending time with my family and travel. I would like to retire in Spain with my French Bulldogs and my family.

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