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When opening my salon in 2016, I didn’t really have a plan, all I knew is that I had worked so hard and my clientele was so big I simply needed to expand.
I had started my mobile business 1 year prior with just £30 in my pocket, I worked 7 day weeks and saved enough to be able to kit a shop out on a budget.
After finding the premises, I needed to do a lot of work, it had been used for many years just to store antiques, I spend hours searching online for second-hand equipment and found a salon closing down and managed to bag the entire contents, from the furniture to the fridge for 3 grand, the cheapest flooring option available and a lick of paint, we were good to go.
However this shop is huge, just me and my Saturday girl felt like tiny fish in a big pond, especially as this is a two-story building, so at this point, my fiance decided to come and join me. He is a tattoo artist, and he took the top floor above the salon.

Over the years, both businesses have snowballed to the point we have 8 people working in each. My own taste and style have slowly evolved and as has the type of work we do in the salon.
When I first opened it was very much an alternative girly salon, I had my little pony on the walls, a PS1 in the waiting area and a lot of pink. It pretty much resembled a teenage girls bedroom and as time has passed it began to evolve. I felt drawn to a more polished finish but with a strong essence of alternative style, we began to make a transition into what you see today. I take a lot of influence from the tattoo industry with the decor of the shop. The reception has an entire wall dedicated to displaying artwork, many of these created especially for the salon by friends and clients, my love of pink still resonates in my hot pink Chesterfield, reception desk and neon lights.
We have tattoo artwork, vintage motorbike badges and classic rock vinyls on our wall, most previously belonging to my dad who is no longer with us. My backwash has slick black tiles with a matt black wall, the chairs all recline and massage our clients to deliver an amazing backwash experience as clients spend some time here given the type of work we specialise in.

These elements tied together with our high gloss black floor and big antique mirrors containing TVs has given the luxury highly polished salon I have grown to strive for, but also with an edgy twist. I never wanted my salon to be plain, but it took some time to be able to find the sweet spot to marry together luxury and alternative style, this flows through into the tattoo studios upstairs and the two are integrated perfectly.

We have strong core values in the salon and they have helped create a real community with our clients. As someone who has previously experienced a severe mental illness, I am aware of how difficult it is for people to come into a hair salon if they have mental health problems, so I created a mental health policy to help support not only the staff but also the clients in the salon. Staff are trained on how to help clients who are extremely anxious or may have other issues, and how to talk about mental illness. This has been extremely well received and the salon has become a safe space for people to talk about mental illness without the fear of judgement.

I’m extremely proud of the brand I have created, to be known not just for the style and standard of work we produce but also for the atmosphere, the high standard of customer service we deliver and the beautiful salon that we work from.

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