Center Spotlight: Nearcut

For the past 5 years Nearcut have been helping barbers get the most from their shops and businesses, providing the tools to maximize both time and money, two things we’d all like more of.

We’re a software provider co-founded here in the UK by a barber and an Oxford Uni Computer Science graduate, it was built to solve the barbers problems and from there it grew and grew.

With Nearcut your clients can book in with you without the need to call and take you off the shop floor, or going back and forth over text when you’re at home trying to put your feet up, and some of the tools are great for getting your shop running like clockwork such as Cancellation Watch – allows customers to wait for a cancellation to come up, online payments to shop no shows being a problem, target customers with marketing, email and SMS reminders, list your products for your clients to buy and plenty more too.

The market is slowly shifting in favour of appointments versus the traditional walk in and wait concept, with the public growing ever more tired of queuing and becoming more reliant on technology to help make life easier and more efficient, the trend was then boosted much further and much faster with Covid hitting the country, appointments now are now not only more commonplace than ever but also more hygienic for shops and clients alike and the one in – one out can be blissful for a stress free day.

Here at Nearcut, we don’t just provide amazing barber specific software but also have highly trained consultants that can help you really get the most out of it, as one without the other isn’t nearly as effective in getting you to where you want to be. You could have great software but with no advice from the team behind it, it’s unlikely you’d be maximizing it’s potential.

We’ll build you a custom website, then there’s the Nearcut community app (think Just Eat but for barbershops) and even a fully branded app too so that your clients can find and book you easier than ever, the software acts as a receptionist, a business analyst, a marketing expert, a sales person and an accountant, all working 24/7/365 on your business and all for £1 or £2 per day.

We’re always developing new features too, memberships are our latest addition, this new concept has been driven by the barber community giving us ideas of what you’d like, interestingly there are a number of people looking to implement a membership platform so to keep trade more regular than the ups and downs of good weeks and bad weeks.

Next on the list is a loyalty program, so for those that want to offer this it’ll soon be an option to ditch the cards and go digital, giving something back to your customers for their loyalty.

Some cool stats –

94% of clients that joined Nearcut last year are still using us.

38 out of 47 people said online booking made them more profitable.

Most shops prefer a mix of appointments and walk ins, splitting up the week/days/barbers so you can offer both as often as possible and that way you should get the best results.

More than 50% of appointments are booked outside of working hours.

With Covid being a huge disruption to all of us, the Nearcut team have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the software as much as we can so that when you’re back open you have the best opportunity to make up the lost ground, and whether you’re Nearcut or not, we’re here to help, please feel free to get in touch for any appointment related advice.

The main benefits of any online booking system is that it’ll help take so many jobs off your hands and it’ll provide you with so many tools and pieces of information to help optimize your business, but much more than that it’ll allow you to spend more time with your loved ones, and if you get it right it’ll make you more money too.

3 months FREE which only starts when you’re back open – get started and no long contracts ever, just 30 day rolling terms, here at

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