50’s Haircut

When I (Queen Rockabilly) was about 5 years old, I found scissors in the house and from that moment on, books, magazines were cut up, but toys were my favorite.  They all had their bangs neatly trimmed and all my toys were combed.  And then my Mom decided that I would become a hairdresser like all the women in our family.  My mother and grandmother are hairdressers for women.  I graduated from station wagon hairdressing school. 

But I liked working with male images more. 

I have always been attracted by the precision and precision of working on a men’s haircut.  But why exactly traditional American haircuts you ask.  I myself am the kind of person who likes complexity.  Strange as it may sound.  I chose the direction of Barbershop and Barbering.  In 2015, barbershops began to appear in our country and I started looking for a job for myself.  To which I constantly received the answer “we don’t take girls” at first it was difficult for me.  But now, fortunately, you rarely see such discrimination. 

Somehow I came across pictures of my grandfather.  And I saw that his hair was perfectly styled.  They wore long, slicked-down hair in a Pompadour style, slickback.  Thanks to Elvis Presley, this style became especially popular in the 50s.  Grandpa wore tapered trousers and the top of his suit was baggy.  Charcoal gray prevailed among the popular shades.  A white shirt, as a rule, was worn under a gray suit, along with a simple narrow tie.  In the 50s, most men wore shoes – oxfords (often two-tone).

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